Re-encountering the ‘Ballets Africains’ in the Museum of Man

Years ago, when doing research for my postgraduate dissertation at ANOM in Aix-en-Provence, I found an odd police report amongst documents relating to the 1956 Loi Cadre. In it, French security services recounted a surveillance report of a music and poetry performance by Keïta Fodéba in Paris in 1949. That discordant image of spies in the backseat of a recital was enough to have me … Continue reading Re-encountering the ‘Ballets Africains’ in the Museum of Man

Adjustments: Learning and Teaching in Lockdown

I recently wrote up a blog post about my experiences adapting to the pandemic, with some reflections on my own pedagogy, as well as experiences of being a student (on my degree apprenticeship) at the same time. You can find that piece over on the French History Network blog by following this link. I’ll be taking part in a roundtable on Online Pedagogy at my … Continue reading Adjustments: Learning and Teaching in Lockdown

Paper Trails: Workshop Roundup

I’ve never been happier to be asked, “What does ‘privy’ mean?” Along with five schoolchildren, I pored over reports on sanitation (or lack thereof) in nineteenth century London, before we then compared maps of drains in Whitechapel to get a sense of how they fitted into the rhythms of daily life (ahem). On that map, we noted the Public House on nearly every corner, the … Continue reading Paper Trails: Workshop Roundup

Teaching French History

I wrote a piece for the Arts and Humanities as Higher Education blog, and you can find it by visiting that site, or clicking on this LINK. In that piece, I wrote up a roundtable discussion that we’d had at a workshop organised by Chris Millington. In the blog, I mentioned translated source collections, and if you wondered which were my favourites, then here are the three … Continue reading Teaching French History

Teaching: Presentations

I’ve been asked to prepare a class for MA students on the Transnational Studies course at UCL which will help them get ready to give their first academic presentations. They’ll be speaking at an event where they will be introducing their dissertation projects to their peers. Many of them said they were nervous, or unsure what to prepare, so I thought it would help if I … Continue reading Teaching: Presentations