French Wine Terrorism

What on earth is French Wine Terrorism? That’s a pretty reasonable question, to be honest, and it’s one I’m fairly used to hearing by this stage. The glib answer is that it’s the topic of my upcoming book with Manchester University Press, Terror and terroir: The winegrowers of the Languedoc and modern France (due September 2016). In recent times, the word terrorism has come to be … Continue reading French Wine Terrorism

Wine, Terror and the Tour de France

The Tour de France is one of France’s most lauded sporting events. It is a huge presence in the memory and identity of many French people and those from farther afield. The retracing of old routes, the blanket media coverage and the sense that it “belongs to the French collective memory of the Twentieth Century” all place it on the pantheon of international sporting events.[1] … Continue reading Wine, Terror and the Tour de France

What’s in a name? Merging the Midi

France’s recent reorganisation of the regions has been an important step in altering the framework of the nation. Despite its imminence and its broadly popular reception, it has predictably drawn howls of protest from some quarters. Image: Front Cover of COEA, ‘Le Petit Livre de l’Occitanie’ (Nimes, 4 Vertats, 1971). Scanned from book. In the context of my own research, the re-shaping of the South is particularly … Continue reading What’s in a name? Merging the Midi