Doing History: A Timeline of My Book’s Publication

Someone asked me recently about my experience of publishing my book, and as I started thinking about it I realised that I’d never really put it on the page. Looking back over emails, I sketched out a timeline of the publishing process in the hope that it might be useful for anyone curious about how this works. I was very privileged to enjoy a smooth, … Continue reading Doing History: A Timeline of My Book’s Publication

French Wine Terrorism

What on earth is French Wine Terrorism? That’s a pretty reasonable question, to be honest, and it’s one I’m fairly used to hearing by this stage. The glib answer is that it’s the topic of my upcoming book with Manchester University Press, Terror and terroir: The winegrowers of the Languedoc and modern France (due September 2016). In recent times, the word terrorism has come to be … Continue reading French Wine Terrorism