Teaching: Presentations

I’ve been asked to prepare a class for MA students on the Transnational Studies course at UCL which will help them get ready to give their first academic presentations. They’ll be speaking at an event where they will be introducing their dissertation projects to their peers. Many of them said they were nervous, or unsure what to prepare, so I thought it would help if I outlined things for them.

150608 Me Speaking

Of course, presentations are very individual things. I was loathe to stand up and waffle about what I do and why. I decided to put the question out on Twitter, and gather in responses. The tweet had a pretty good reach, and I received a lot of good advice. Much of it came from folk that I’m friendly with, but also a fair amount from people I’ve never met. This was really positive, as it allowed me to collate these responses to give a more rounded approach to the question of how to give an academic presentation.

I’ve collected and organized all the responses into a Storify, which you can see by clicking here. I’m going to use these responses as the core of my class plan tomorrow, and have also prepared this handout which I will be using with students (you can see the handout by clicking here). Hopefully it will prove a helpful exercise! I’ll update this post tomorrow with anything gleaned from the class itself.

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